Week 8 – Sunday thoughts on Monday

I’ve got a case of the Mondays… I didn’t get any articles out this weekend as it is getting closer to the holidays and I got busy!  So while ideally I like to look at my roster Sunday morning, here we go on a Monday where I have two defense that I am going to take a look at replacing this AM.


On D I have Niskanen, and Boychuck who are ranked 215, and 201 on the year respectively.  Niskanen has 7 more points than Boychuck but is also a full 10 points lower on plus minus.  Each has approximately 50 SOG and 50 hits.

So, who is on the free agent market as a replacement? I am only carrying 4 D as required, so I don’t have the option of looking at forward options here.  Filtering for D only on the Player list, there are actually only 2 guys on the season with a better year to date rank.  Oscar Klefbom at 165, and Radko Gudas at 199, hardly an improvement.

Klefbom seems to be ranked higher as he has 75 SOG, which is a significant amount; Seguin leads the league with 106, 75 SOG is nearly in the top 25 players.

Based on the YTD stats, I’m not convinced to make any changes, so let’s look at a more recent set of data.  Looking at the last 30 days, Boychuck is ranked 104 overall surpassing Klefbom even.  Niskanen, is ranked 157.  There are no D that offer a similar level of consistency on SOG and Hits at this point in time.  So while these two guys are ranked poorly for me, they seem to be the best options on the market at this point in time.

Before moving on, I’ll look at the 14-day data to see if anyone is starting to trend.  The only name that jumps out here is Noah Hanifin, who has 6 points in his last 6 games.  But he seems to be lacking in the SOG and Hits categories.


On a team where I own Landeskog, Point, Eichel, Crosby, and Burns, I don’t need to worry about offensive stats with these last two defensive slots.  I am only looking for those heavy SOGs and Hits guys.

Maybe in you’re league there are better FA options on the blueline, or maybe you track different stats and the rankings are different.  Or maybe you have a different strategy than I do, but based on this, I am going to stand pat with how things are this year.

My team remains in first place in this public Yahoo league, I have only lost one week, and the guy I seem to be facing this week doesn’t appear to be setting his line-ups.  So overall, I am not worried.

Decision: Keep both Niskanen, and Boychuck.

Best of luck this week!


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