The Good The Bad and the Grey


Wow that Colorado Avalanche top line continues to play outstanding. Rantanen and MacKinnon are 1 and 2 in the scoring race, with 30 and 29 points respectively. In fact, in standard Yahoo leagues their season to date ranks are as follows:

MacKinnon    3
Landeskog     6
Rantanen       8

That’s quite the top line! Though after those there, the Avs drop off significantly. Tyson Barrie is ranked 70, and Soderberg 126. If you are carrying any of those top three players, hang on with your dear life and enjoy the ride!

The Bad

Patrice Bergerons day-to-day injury turned into a 4-week ordeal really quick. And while there may be a handful of decent options to replace him in standard leagues, leagues where face-offs are tracked are a whole other story. Bergeron has long been the face-off king, few come close to his winning totals in season. Though, recent Ryan O’Reilly might want to have a say in that conversation. Long story short, if you own Bergeron, this injury hurts.

The Grey

Tanner Pearson played his first game with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it was quite the introduction. Playing on the top line with Malkin, Pearson broke his 36-38 game goal drought, and added an assist on a Kessel goal as well. Now, this was only his first game with the squad, and when Crosby is back it’s unclear what line he will be on. But on a team where in the top 6 your center-man is either Malkin or Crosby, you can’t really go wrong. Pearson seems to be worth taking a risk on here for the near future.

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