I’ve been a Fantasy Hockey manager on Yahoo for the past eight years, I have managed a total of 16 teams.

Of those teams, ten times I have placed in the top five positions, and have 1 First place finish, 2 Second place finishes, and 1 Third place finish.  I am a sucker for keeper leagues and leagues with extra stat categories.  I love the challenge!

I spend far too much time researching players, analyzing my team, and the match-ups I face. So why not share some of that knowledge!



Is this your job?

Not even close! I have a full time job, this is a side hustle / passion project!

You didn't post this sunday.. whats up with that !?

I’ll try to maintain that Sunday schedule as best I can… but there will be lapses, I have a life too!

Can i email you a question ?

Of course! I might end up turning questions into a mail bag post down the road, so fire away!

Are you looking for additional writers ?

Send me an e-mail, we can discuss!

You do this for free?

I will be using Google Adsense, and may look into affiliate marketing.  I want to try and make money of my hobby!

Can I pay you ?

Hundy P bud, I take cash and crypto  ; )

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