Fantasy hockey can often require hours of research every week for you to be near the top of your league, but not everyone has that time! (Get a job Chad!)

Here at FHF we focus on hockey, so you don’t have to.  There are so many factors that can impact your line-up it can be hard to keep up.  We keep our eye on everything from injuries, and line-up adjustments, to games played in per week, and trending indicators.

We summarized all our knowledge into short blog posts for you to consume on a weekly basis.  Sundays we post our weekly recaps & a look ahead, and on Thursdays we take a quick look at the weekend, with other tips throughout the week.


FHF Provides….

Fantasy Hockey Research

Weekly Tips

Free agency targets / Line adjustments / Injury status

Trade Targets

Players trending up or down can be interesting for trades, we'll let you know who to target.

Draft Guide

A guide to having a successful fantasy draft, covering every aspect.


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